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Online Jewellery Designing Courses (CAD/CAM) - Free Demo Class

Overview offer online courses in 2D & 3D Jewellery Designing. This video explains how we teach and how to access the Free Demo Class

FreeCAD vs Fusion360 - What is the Best FREE CAD Program?

In the video where I switched to Linux and said I was still using Fusion360, you guys basically bombarded me with comments that I had to try FreeCAD, so I did and here are my thoughts comparing it to Fusion360. Both have lots of features and can rival big paid programs, but there are some key differences.

Free CAD for Makers in Woodworking, 3d printing, CNC and laser cutting

Free software for making things: In this video we compare the different free CAD solutions that are available for a maker to create 3d prints, laser cut stuff or design furniture.

AutoDesk Inventor Complete Learning 120 Tutorials

AutoDesk Inventor Complete Learning 120 Tutorials. Starting from Beginners level!

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